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Screw conveyors in modern industry are often used horizontally or at a slight inclination as an efficient way to move semi-solid materials. These can have a greater pitch spacing, resulting in a higher capacity without an increase in rotation speed. They usually consist of a trough containing either a spiral coiled around a shaft, driven at one end and held at the other, or a Shaftless Spiral, driven at one end and free at the other.

Screw Conveyors can be operated with the flow of material inclined upward. When space allows, this is a very economical method of elevating and conveying. It is important to understand, however, that as the angle of inclination increases, the allowable capacity of a given unit rapidly decreases.

RAJ Speciality in Screw Conveyor
Designed to ensure smooth operation
Jacketed designs to heat or cool the material during conveying
Designs with hollow shafts for cooling or heating media
Rugged screw flights to handle abrasive material with ease
Various options for material of constructions depending upon product properties
Designs with mechanical seals for operations under vacuum
Cantilever screw designs
Designed for easy operation and maintenance
Easy removal of screw for cleaning
GMP designs for food and pharmaceutical industry
Fuels: chippings, straw, sawdust, wood dust, peat, pellets, carbon, etc.
Waste matter: sludge, slaughter waste, manure, garbage, ash, bark, machine grindings, etc.
Food products: grain, powder, sugar, salt, flour, rest products, etc.
Various chemicals, minerals, dyes, pigments, starch, detergents etc.
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