Captive Plant High Capacity Boilers
2) Captive Plant High Capacity Boilers:
    At RAJ, we offer Single drum/Bi-Drum design boilers. With membrane wall construction, horizontal drainable type super heater/ vertical coil type super heater convective type. These boilers are capable of firing LDO, FO, HSD, LSHS, Natural gas, LPG etc.

The travelling grate type boilers and fluidized bed technology are offered for solid fuels with high ash content like Indian Coal, agro waste and biomass fuels. Dumping grate boilers are offered for low ash content fuels like Bagasse, Rice Husk etc.
1. Fully automatic DCS operated drum level and Combustion Control System Leading to minimum operating staff.
2. Fast responding to load variations.
3. Top supported boiler with expansion allowed at the bottom and hence very effectively sealed boilers with minimum refractory. Hence low maintenance of refractory.
4. Pneumatic spreading/ Mechanical spreading of fuel on the firing equipment which ensures effective burning of fuel.
5. Provided with primary and secondary air to ensure proper turbulence in furnace and allow suspension burning of fuel due to proper air-fuel mixing. The range is as below
  Capacity: Up to 150 TPH
  Pressure: Up to 105 kg/cm2 (g)
  Temperature: up to 540 deg C
  Fuels: Coal, Bagasse, Rice Husk, Ground nut shells, Coconut Shells, Cotton Waste, Palm Shell etc. LDO, FO, LSHS, Natural Gas, LPG Bio Gas etc.
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