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In chemical industry, Heat Exchangers are used for transferring heat from liquids, gases and vapours. These are also used as a condenser for the recovery of the solvent.

Features of RAJ Heat Exchangers

RAJ is a well established name in manufacturing of high efficiency heat exchangers. These are extensively used to transfer heat energy from one medium (fluid, liquid and gas) to another medium (fluid, liquid and gas) without mixing them. We design and develop heat exchangers as per application and requirement of customer. Special corrugated tube design heat exchangers increase the heat transfer area with the same quantity of tubes thus reducing the initial costs. The corrugated design also helps in breaking the scaling by creating turbulence in the fluid flow.

Options of various materials of construction from stainless steel to Nickel are available depending upon the circulating media to be used in heat exchangers.


Heat exchangers with heat transfer areas from 1 sq.m to 1000 sq.m can be designed and supplied.
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