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Raj Ribbon Blenders are available from Lab model to Heavy duty model. Ribbon Blender is a light duty blender, useful for easy mixing powder components it is a LOW SHEAR Mixer, most commonly used for SOLID/SOLID, SOLID/LIQUID Mixing and when high shearing force is not required. Its counter flow helicoid flight mounted on shaft ensuring gentle mixing.

Blades are designed for triple action mixing to suit product end characteristics. It also occupies less head room space for large volume mixing.

Features of RAJ Ribbon Blender

Sanitary Design-heavy gauge, stainless steel
Bearing mounted on lanterns outside of mixing container
to avoid contamination.
Dry blending of capsule formulation.
Capacity available from lab model of few to few thousand
Feeding through a charging port mounted on top of
Options Available
Single shaft design for Low to Medium\ volume capacity.
Double shaft design for Large to Mega volume capacity.
Discharge butter fly valve.
Discharge side gate valve.
Jacketed ribbon blender design for a process that required heating and cooling.
Vacuum capability to effect the removal of moisture accomplishing DRYING and MIXING in single operation.
4-B finish available.
Mixing of cosmetic powders.
Dry mixing of free flowing powders requiring low shearing force.
Dry blending of capsule formulation.
Lubrication of dry granules in large quantity.
Capacities of RAJ Ribbon Blender
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